Have you ever hummed a tune, wondering which classic rock hit it is? Suzi Quatro, the trailblazing queen of rock ‘n’ roll, has rocked the charts with her fiery hits. This article will turn up the volume on her most iconic tracks and unveil some musical milestones that defined an era. So, let’s look at the song that was the Suzi Quatro Biggest hit.

Key Takeaways

  • Suzi Quatro’s song “Stumblin’ In” is her most famous hit, loved by fans and topping the charts when it came out in 1978.
  • She has other popular songs that fans still enjoy like “Can the Can,” “Devil Gate Drive,” and “48 Crash.” These all sold over a million copies each.
  • Quatro won six Bravo Otto Awards from 1973 to 1980, showing she was a favorite among music lovers.
  • Along with these honors, she also got into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame and received several other awards throughout her career.

Suzi Quatro | Biggest Hit in the USA

Suzi Quatro’s biggest hit in the United States is “Stumblin’ In,” a duet with Chris Norman. Released in 1978, this song marked a departure from her typical hard rock style, featuring a more pop-oriented sound. “Stumblin’ In” reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it her most successful single in the U.S. This song helped to broaden her appeal and showcased her versatility as an artist.

Suzi Quatro | Biggest Hit in Europe

Suzi’s biggest hit in Europe is widely recognized as “Can the Can,” which was released in 1973. This song was a significant success in various European countries and marked her emergence as a major rock star. It reached number one in the UK and was also very popular in other European countries, helping to establish her as an influential figure in the rock music scene during the 1970s.

Suzi Quatro | Biggest Hit in Australia

In Australia, Suzi Quatro’s biggest hit was “Devil Gate Drive.” Released in 1974, this song became immensely popular and reached the number-one spot on the Australian singles chart. The energetic and catchy tune, combined with Quatro’s dynamic performance style, resonated strongly with the Australian audience, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the rock music scene of the 1970s.

Top 10 Suzi Quatro Songs

Ranking at the top of the list is Suzi Quatro’s biggest hit, “Stumblin’ In,” followed by other top songs such as “Can the Can,” “Devil Gate Drive,” “48 Crash,” and “If You Can’t Give Me Love.” These iconic tracks showcase Quatro’s legendary rock and roll career.

Ranking of her Biggest Hit: “Stumblin’ In”

“Stumblin’ In” is a huge hit for Suzi Quatro. Fans still love this song, and it tops the charts in many places. She sang it with Chris Norman in 1978, and their voices worked great together.

This made the song stand out, and people took notice. It stayed popular for weeks.

Suzi Quatro’s music career shines because of “Stumblin’ In.” Its lasting fame proves it’s one of her best songs. Now let’s look at more hits like “Can the Can” and “Devil Gate Drive” that rocked the charts, too.

Other Top Songs | Candidates for Suzi Quatro Biggest Hit

Suzi Quatro rocked the music world with her powerful voice and bass guitar. Her songs became anthems in the 1970s, showcasing her unique style and talent.

Can The Can

Released in 1973, it was her first solo number-one single, particularly making a huge impact in the United Kingdom and across Europe. The song, with its catchy hook and Quatro’s energetic performance, helped establish her as a major force in the rock music scene.

“Can the Can” was not just a commercial success; it also became an iconic song of the glam rock era. Its influence extended beyond the charts, contributing to Quatro’s status as a pioneering female rock star. The song’s blend of hard rock and pop sensibilities, along with Quatro’s unique image and style, made it a standout track of its time. Despite its lesser impact in the United States, “Can the Can” remains one of Suzi Quatro’s most recognized and enduring songs.

Devil Gate Drive

Released in 1974, this song quickly became a popular track, especially in the United Kingdom, where it reached number one on the singles chart. The song’s catchy rhythm and Quatro’s distinctive performance style helped it become one of her signature hits.

“Devil Gate Drive” was part of the glam rock movement of the early 1970s and showcased Quatro’s ability to blend rock and pop elements effectively. The song’s success in the UK was mirrored in other countries as well, including Australia, where it also achieved significant popularity. The energetic and engaging nature of “Devil Gate Drive” has made it an enduring favorite among fans of Suzi Quatro and classic rock enthusiasts.

48 Crash

Released in 1973, this song followed the success of “Can the Can” and continued to cement Quatro’s position as a prominent figure in the glam rock scene. “48 Crash” was particularly successful in the United Kingdom, where it reached the top five on the singles chart.

In Australia, “48 Crash” made its debut on the Kent charts in October 1973, becoming a number 1 hit in January 1974.

Australian Top 20 January 21, 1974
Australian Top 20 January 21, 1974

If You Can’t Give Me Love

“If You Can’t Give Me Love” was a big hit for Suzi Quatro. Released in 1978, the song marked a shift in her musical style, moving away from her harder rock roots to a more soft rock or pop-rock sound. This change in style was well-received, and the song became quite popular in various countries.

In the UK, “If You Can’t Give Me Love” reached the top 10 on the singles chart, peaking at number 4. It also experienced success in other European countries and was well-received in Australia. In the United States, while it didn’t achieve the same level of success as “Stumblin’ In,” it still made a significant impact, enhancing her reputation as a versatile and talented artist. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics contributed to its widespread appeal.

Recognition and Awards

Suzi Quatro has been recognized for her contributions to the music industry, receiving prestigious awards like the Bravo Otto Awards and being honored as one of the Queens of British Pop.

Her impact on rock and roll has also earned her numerous other accolades and honors throughout her career.

Bravo Otto Awards

The Bravo Otto Awards are a big deal in the music world. These awards have been around since 1957 and give props to the best stars in film, TV, and tunes. It’s quite an honor to win one.

And guess what? Suzi Quatro rocked it by snagging six of these shiny trophies between 1973 and 1980! That’s proof that her catchy songs like “Stumblin’ In” really caught everyone’s attention.

Fans really showed their love for Suzi at the Bravo Otto Awards. They voted for her because they couldn’t get enough of her hit tracks. Winning six times shows she wasn’t just a one-hit wonder but a true rock icon with staying power on stage and on the charts.

Queens of British Pop Honors

After receiving the Bravo Otto Awards, Suzi Quatro added another feather to her cap by being honored as one of the Queens of British Pop. This esteemed recognition not only celebrates her outstanding contribution to the music industry but also solidifies her impact on British pop culture.

The title acknowledges her influence and enduring legacy within the realm of British pop, cementing her status as a prominent figure in shaping the music scene.

Suzi Quatro’s induction into the Queens of British Pop demonstrates her lasting impression and influence on an entire generation, reflecting the profound effect she has had on both fans and fellow musicians alike.

Other Awards and Honors Received

Suzi Quatro has been recognized for her remarkable contributions to the music industry through various awards and honors, including:

  1. Induction into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2011 affirming her enduring impact on rock music.
  2. Receipt of the Icon Award by the Women’s International Music Network in 2020, acknowledging her influential career and lasting legacy.
  3. Bestowal of an Icon award in 2019, honoring her as a female rock pioneer who broke barriers within the industry.
  4. Nomination for music broadcaster of the year at the Sony Radio Awards in 2006, showcasing her versatility and impact beyond performing.
  5. Inclusion in ‘This Is Your Life’ in 1999, reflecting widespread recognition and respect from peers and fans within the entertainment realm.


Suzi Quatro’s hit “Stumblin’ In” ranked as the biggest hit. She also rocked charts with other top songs, including “Can the Can,” “Devil Gate Drive,” and “48 Crash.” Recognized across borders, she received Bravo Otto Awards and Queens of British Pop Honors.

With over 55 million records sold and groundbreaking achievements, Suzi Quatro stands as a pioneering force in the music industry.


1. What is Suzi Quatro’s biggest hit?

Suzi Quatro’s biggest hit is the song “Stumblin’ In.” which reached no. 4 on the USA charts. In Europe, her biggest hit was “Can the Can”, and in Australia, her biggest hit was “Devil Gate Drive”.

2. When did “Stumblin’ In” come out?

The song “Stumblin’ In” was released in 1978.

3. Did “Stumblin’ In” do well on music charts?

Yes, the song “Stumblin’ In” was a big success and climbed high on music charts wordldwide.

4. Can I still listen to Suzi Quatro’s hit today?

Sure! You can find and listen to Suzi Quatro’s hit song “Stumblin’ In” on many music platforms now.

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