Suzi Quatro Album Cover - Main Attraction

Suzi Quatro

Main Attraction

The album marked the end of a phase for Suzi, as it was her final studio album of the 1980s.

Rock Hard (1980) Main Attraction (1982)
Suzi Quatro - Main Attraction Album Cover

LP rear cover

Track Listing

Side 1

1Heart of Stone (LOng Version)4:07
2Cheap Shot3:39
3She Knows3:11
4Main Attraction3:15
5Two Miles Out of Georgia3:30

Side 2

1Candy Man3:13
2Remote Control3:21
3Fantasy in Stereo3:11
5Oh Baby3:53
BonusHeart of Stone (Single Version)3:22

Tracks from the “Main Attraction” album. The single version of Heart of Stone was added to the 2008 Cherry Red CD reissue.

Album Overview


In late 1981, Suzi Quatro found herself without a record deal or her usual production team. This led her to seize the opportunity to record her next album closer to home, in Essex, at a studio newly established by Chris Andrews, a friend of her then-husband, Len Tuckey. With the absence of regular collaborator Mike Chapman, the songwriting responsibilities for this project were shared between Suzi, Len, and Chris Andrews. Dave Neal, who had been with Suzi since her debut in 1973, played drums, while Chris Andrews contributed both songwriting and keyboards.

A temporary agreement with Polydor Records was arranged for the release of “Main Attraction.” The original vinyl release of the album showcased a distinct division of styles: the first side featured pop/rock tracks, while the second side represented Suzi’s exploration into contemporary trends, characterized by synthesizers and minimalist drum sounds, signifying her attempt to find a new direction in the evolving music landscape.


The album “Main Attraction”, released in November 1982, is notable for being Suzi’s first and only release with Polydor Records. It marks her eighth studio album and was recorded over four months at The Studio Toppersfield in Essex, England, with sessions starting in late 1981 and ending in early 1982.

“Main Attraction” emerged at the peak of the new wave music movement. The lead single from the album, “Heart of Stone,” received some airplay on Album-oriented rock radio and achieved modest success, peaking at number 60 on the UK charts. Another single, the title track “Main Attraction,” was also released but did not chart. Despite the commercial success of “Heart of Stone,” the album did not perform well commercially and failed to make an impact on the album charts worldwide, a first for a Suzi Quatro studio album.

Suzi co-wrote all tracks except for “Two Miles Out of Georgia,” which was solely penned by Chris Andrews. Interestingly, the four songs co-written with Chris Andrews were credited to lyrics by Suzi and music by Chris.

The album stands out because it was her first studio album that did not feature any cover versions of songs by other artists.

The End of an Era

The album marked the end of a phase for Suzi, as it was her last recording of original material, leading to an eight-year gap until “Oh, Suzi Q.” in 1990.

“Main Attraction” marked Suzi Quatro’s final regular pop-rock album of the 1980s, as her music releases became less frequent in the latter part of the decade. Suzi made a brief return to RAK Records during 1984/1985, releasing singles like “I Go Wild” and “Tonight I Could Fall In Love.” However, the album that was recorded alongside these singles wasn’t released until 1998, when it came out under the title “Unreleased Emotion.”

Singles and Chart Performance

The singles released from Suzi Quatro’s album “Main Attraction” are:

  1. Heart of Stone (Released in 1982) This was the lead single from the album and achieved moderate success, peaking at number 60 on the UK charts.
  2. Main Attraction: (Released Feb 1983) Also released as a single, but unlike “Heart of Stone,” it stalled short of the Britsh Top 75.

These singles represent the diverse musical direction of the album,

Critical Reception

The album’s release coincided with the height of the new wave music movement. Critically, “Main Attraction” received a mixed response, with most of the criticism focused on its musical direction, which was seen as too commercial and a departure from Quatro’s hard rock roots.

The album did not achieve notable success on the album charts. In fact, it was largely unnoticed by the public and did not appear on any major album charts worldwide. This was a significant point in Quatro’s career, as it was the first time one of her studio albums failed to chart.

Heart Of Stone | Single

“Heart of Stone,” the lead single from Main Attraction, marked a stylistic shift, blending new wave and pop-rock elements. Released in 1982 and co-written with Chris Andrews, the song achieved modest success, peaking at number 60 on the UK charts and receiving airplay on Album-oriented rock radio.

“Heart of Stone” was reminiscent of Suzi’s 1978 hit “If You Can’t Give Me Love,” with its Country-Rock vibe, but it didn’t quite reach the same heights of success.

The single did gradually gain momentum after its release, eventually entering the lower end of the UK charts on November 13, 1982. It peaked at number 60 and remained on the charts for three weeks. Unfortunately, this would be the last time Suzi Quatro’s name appeared on the British charts.

This single version was included as a bonus track in the 2008 remastered CD edition by Cherry Red Records.

Heart Of Stone Single Sleeve

Main Attraction | Single

The title track of the album, “Main Attraction,” was also released as a single but did not chart.

Released in February 1983, as the second single from the album, “Main Attraction,” again revisited the Country-Rock style. Despite receiving airplay on the radio, it couldn’t manage to break into the British Top 75.

Chris Andrews | Co-Producer and Songwriter

Chris Andrews is an English-German singer-songwriter with a career spanning from the late 1950s. Born in Romford, Essex, England, in 1942, Andrews began his musical journey in his mid-teens with his own group, Chris Ravel and the Ravers.

He saw considerable success in the UK during the 1960s, both as a performer and as a songwriter for other artists. Andrews’ singles, particularly in South Africa, were widely acclaimed. Hits like “Pretty Belinda” (1969), “Carol OK,” and “Brown Eyes” (1970) all reached the top of the South African charts, with “Yo Yo” also gaining significant popularity in 1970.

Beyond his performing career, Andrews’ skills as a songwriter are equally impressive. He wrote several hits for various artists, including Sandie Shaw, Adam Faith, and The Mamas & the Papas.

On the songs Chris wrote for Main Attraction, Suzi contributed lyrics while Chris provided the music.

Chris Andrews

2008 Re-release and Legacy

The album was later re-released in 2008, marking its first appearance on Compact Disc. This reissue, done by Cherry Red Records, included the single version of “Heart of Stone” as a bonus track.

Rerelease CD cover
Rerelease CD back cover
Rerelease CD – Picture Disc

The rerelease provided an opportunity for a retrospective reassessment of the album.

In a review by AllMusic, critic Jim Allen described the album…

…a mix of styles, including melodic, acoustic-based tunes reminiscent of Juice Newton, new wave/electro-dance production touches, and a couple of rockers in Quatro’s classic style.

AllMusic, Jim Allen

Allen summed up the album as “a portrait of an artist in motion.”

Album Credits


  • Suzi Quatro – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Len Tuckey – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Producer
  • Dave Neal – Drums, Percussion
  • Chris Andrews – Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Producer
  • Jimmy Martin – Steel Guitar on “Two Miles Out of Georgia”
  • Wendy Roberts – Backing Vocals on “Heart of Stone”
ProducerChris Andrews and Len Tuckey
Mastered byGordan Vicory at The Town House, London
Recorded atThe Studio Toppersfield in Essex, England December 1981 and March 1982
(Credits from LP back cover)