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If you love rock and roll, then you have to know Suzi Quatro. She’s a total trailblazer for women in the industry and a true rockstar. So let’s dive into her life and career, from her early days as a musician to her legendary status today.

If you’re a rock and roll fan, you’ve heard of Suzi Quatro. She’s an iconic musician, a trailblazer for women in the music industry, and a true rockstar. In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the life and career of Suzi Quatro, from her early days as a musician to her legendary status in the industry today.

Suzi Quatro

Early Life and Career

Suzi Quatro, born in Detroit, Michigan, on June 3, 1950, was drawn to music from an early age. She grew up in a musical family, with her father, sisters, and brother all playing instruments. Before reaching her teenage years, she sometimes played percussion in her father’s jazz band, The Art Quatro Trio.

Her brother, Michael Quatro, has been active in the music industry as both a musician and record producer. His discography mainly spans the 1970s and early 1980s, during which he released a number of albums, and he also has some releases from later years.

In 1964, Suzi began her musical journey when she joined her sister’s band, The Pleasure Seekers, playing bass guitar.

The Pleasure Seekers

The Pleasure Seekers, later known as Cradle, was formed by sisters Patti and Arlene Quatro. It was an all-female band and one of the earliest of its kind.

The original lineup of The Pleasure Seekers consisted of:

  1. Suzi Quatro – Bass guitar and vocals.
  2. Patti Quatro – Guitar and vocals. Patti also had a music career beyond the band.
  3. Arlene Quatro – Keyboards. Arlene was part of the original lineup but later left the band.
  4. Nancy Quatro – Drums. Nancy was a part of the band in its early days.

They released two singles – neither were commercially successful – “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” and “Light Of Love”. The band gained a local following and even opened for acts like The Who and The MC5.

As the band evolved into Cradle, there were changes in the lineup. The focus shifted more toward the original material, and this change also included Suzi’s younger sister, Nancy, taking a more prominent role. It’s important to note that the lineup did change over time, with various musicians joining and leaving the band.

After Cradle, Patti joined the band Fanny in the 1970s, a pioneering all-female rock band that gained national recognition and was among the first to sign with a major label.

It wasn’t until 1971 that Suzi got her big break when legendary music producer Mickie Most discovered her, and she moved to England to sign with RAK Records. Her first single release, Rolling Stone, reached NO.1 in Portugal but failed to chart in the UK or US.

Suzi went on to achieve eleven Top 40 singles in the UK but just one Top 40 hit in the U.S. with Stumblin In (with Chris Norman), which peaked at #4 in 1979.

Breakthrough Albums & Biggest Hits

Suzi Quatro’s self-titled debut album was released in 1973 and instantly succeeded. The album was full of catchy rock and glam tunes, and Suzi’s energetic performance on the bass guitar was a standout feature. The album spawned hits like “Can the Can” and “48 Crash,” both of which reached the top of the charts in the UK.

Suzi’s follow-up album, Quatro, was released in 1974 and was just as successful as her debut. The album featured hits like “Devil Gate Drive” and “The Wild One” and cemented Suzi’s status as a rock and roll superstar. Throughout the 70s, Suzi continued to release hit albums, including Your Mama Won’t Like Me and Aggro-Phobia.

She has released numerous hits throughout her career. “Can the Can” from her debut album topped the charts in the U.K., Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. But her biggest hit is perhaps “Stumblin’ In.” It was her only U.S. Top 40 hit. This song was a duet with Chris Norman and became a worldwide hit in 1978.

“Stumblin’ In” really struck a chord with listeners. It was a standalone single written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, who were also responsible for many of Suzi’s other hits, including “Can the Can.” The song’s success helped cement Suzi’s status as a true superstar.

Suzi’s Influence on Women in Music

Suzi was a trailblazer for women in the music industry, paving the way for future generations of female musicians. She was one of the first women to play bass guitar in a rock band, and her energetic stage presence and catchy tunes inspired countless young women to pursue music careers.

In addition to her musical influence, Suzi was a fashion icon known for her leather jumpsuits and signature shag haircut. Her style and attitude symbolized female empowerment, showing that women could be as tough and as rock and roll as their male counterparts.

Suzi’s influence on women in rock cannot be overstated. She paved the way for future generations of female musicians, and her catchy tunes and energetic performances continue to inspire fans worldwide. She’s a true icon of the genre, and her music will live on for generations.

Acting Career

In addition to her music career, Suzi also had a successful acting career. She appeared in the 1980s TV show Happy Days, playing the character of Leather Tuscadero, a tough streetwise musician. She also appeared in TV shows and movies, including Minder and Absolutely Fabulous.

Later Career

Suzi continued to release albums throughout the 80s and 90s, including Back to the Drive and Unreleased Emotion. She also toured extensively, performing for fans around the world. In recent years, she’s released several new albums, including No Control and The Devil in Me.

In 2023, Suzi released “Face To Face,”—an incredible collaborative album credited to KT Tunstall and Suzi Quatro that showcases both artists’ immense musical talent.


Suzi Quatro is a true music legend known for her catchy tunes, energetic performances, and iconic style. She’s inspired countless young women to pursue music careers, and her influence on the genre cannot be overstated. From her early days as a musician in Detroit to her current status as a global superstar, 

So there you have it, Suzi Quatro, the Queen of Rock and Roll and a total badass who has left a lasting impact on the music industry.


Who was Suzi Quatro?

Suzi Quatro was a rock singer and guitarist who rose to fame in the 1970s. She is known for her hits like “Can the Can” and “Devil Gate Drive.”

What were some of Suzi Quatro’s popular songs?

Some of Suzi Quatro’s popular songs include “Can the Can,” “48 Crash,” and “Devil Gate Drive.”

What instruments does Suzi Play?

She plays piano, percussion, and bass guitar. She was mainly known for her skills as a vocalist and bass player.

Where did Suzi Quatro move to pursue her music career?

Suzi Quatro moved to England to pursue her music career.

Did Suzi Quatro release any live albums?

Yes, she released the live album “Live and Kickin'”

Did Suzi Quatro have any collaborations with other artists?

Yes, Suzi Quatro has collaborated with artists like Smokie, K.T. Tunstall, and Elvis Presley.