Suzi Quatro - Album Cover - Unreleased Emotion

Suzi Quatro

Unreleased Emotion

Initially recorded in 1982, Unreleased Emotion was delayed for over a decade. Read the story of it's creation.


Track Listing

1Pardon MeSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:29
2There She GoesSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:49
3Can I Be Your GirlSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:12
4I’m A RockerSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:55
5Strange EncountersSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:08
6Comes The NightSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:54
7Starry NightSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:44
8Good Girl (Looking For A Bad Time)Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:33
9Everything I Ever WantedSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:17
10Secret HideawaySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:42
11Just Like MommaSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:35
12Suzi Q (Susie Q)Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater1:20
13I Go WildM. Burns, Nicky Chinn, S. Glen3:48
14Tonight (I Could Fall In Love)Richard Gower3:56
Tracks 13 & 14 were added as Bonus Tracks on 7T’s Records 2012 reissue of the album in Europe.

Album Overview

Initially recorded in 1982, the release of Unreleased Emotion was delayed for over a decade, finally seeing the light of day at a time when Suzi’s personal and professional landscapes had undergone significant changes.

The album is a blend of musical styles that range from Glam Rock and Hard Rock to Glitter and Pop/Rock.

Unreleased Emotion is a time capsule of Suzi’s career and personal journey. It is an album that captures a unique phase of her career, characterized by both its delayed release and the circumstances surrounding its creation.

The background of Unreleased Emotion is deeply intertwined with Quatro’s personal life, especially her marriage to Len Tuckey.

Background of the album

Recorded in 1982, this album is a product of significant personal events in Suzi’s life. Its release in 1998, after a delay of 16 years, made the album more intriguing to fans and added a layer of extra interest in how people received it.

Unable to secure a recording deal, Suzi and her then-husband, Len Tuckey, decided to fund the recording, hoping to attract record company interest once the album was done. The couple reserved RAK Studios for two weeks to work on the album, with Suzi taking the lead in writing and Len in production.

Despite their efforts, Suzi and Len could not secure a deal for the album, which remained unreleased until 1998. It was eventually released under the Connoisseur Collection Label titled “Unreleased Emotion.”

The album featured all original tracks except “Oh Suzi Q” by Dale Hawkins. The album’s release, coming six years after Suzi and Len’s divorce, lends it a retrospective quality. It allows listeners to peer into a different era of Quatro’s life.

Additional Recordings – Bonus Tracks

Mickie Most, the owner of RAK and Suzi’s previous mentor, would often visit the studio while they were recording. He helped Suzi and Len with the mixing process. Suzi and Mickie took advantage of this and decided to collaborate on a few tracks, which led to the release of two non-album singles from the sessions. This collaboration produced the songs “I Go Wild” and “Tonight, I Could Fall in Love.”

The Non-Album Singles

Although no singles were directly released from the “Unreleased Emotion” album, the songs that Suzi recorded with Mickie Most were issued as singles. These singles included B-sides, which would later appear on “Unreleased Emotion.” Therefore, fans got an early preview of what the album would eventually offer in terms of musical style.

  1. I Go Wild (Released 1984 with B-Side of I’m A Rocker)
  2. Tonight I Could Fall in Love (Released 1985 with B-side of Good Girl (Looking For A Bad Time)
Suzi Quatro - I Go Wild 1984
I Go Wild – Single – 1984
Suzi Quatro - Tonight I Could Fall in Love - Single
Tonight I Could Fall in Love – Single – 1985
Tonight I Could Fall in Love - 12" Single - 1985
Sleeve for 12″ version – Tonight I Could Fall in Love – 1985

“I Go Wild” marked Suzi’s return to RAK Records, but unfortunately, this single did not achieve the same level of success as her hits from the 1970s. “I Go Wild” features a mid-paced synthpop style reflecting the early 1980s pop era.

A year after “I Go Wild,” Suzi released two versions of the more mellow and electronic-infused single “Tonight I Could Fall In Love,” also with RAK Records. A standard 7-inch version and a 12-inch version featuring an extended six-minute mix were released.

Both songs were included as bonus tracks on the 2012 European album reissue.

Tracks and Their Styles:

“Pardon Me”

The album opener, “Pardon Me,” is reminiscent of the 1982 new wave sound produced by Blondie.

“There She Goes” & “Just Like Momma”

These songs are noted for their lively, upbeat rhythm, reminiscent of the poppy hits from earlier decades, capturing the essence of a one-woman bubblegum girl group.

“Can I be Your Girl?”

Another song presented with a lively, upbeat style on the album. However, Suzi transforms “Can I Be Your Girl” into a solo piano ballad in her live performances. She frequently dedicates her performance to her mother as a tribute for giving her life and to her father as a gesture of gratitude for her career.

“Comes the Night”

“Come The Night” taps into a ’60s Top 40 style, built on the classic “Hang On Sloopy” riff, adding a nostalgic flavor to the album.

“I’m A Rocker”

“I’m a Rocker” is a rock song reminiscent of Suzi’a mid-70s album tracks.

Stylistically, much of the album has been described as reminiscent of Quatro’s character, Leather Tuscadero, from the TV show “Happy Days.”

Album Credits


  • Suzi Quatro – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
  • Len Tuckey – Guitar
  • Mo Witham – Additional Guitar
  • Dave Neal– Drums
ProducerLen Tuckey
Producer Mickie Most (Tracks 13 & 14)
Recorded atRAK Studios, London