What Goes Around Album - 1995

Suzi Quatro

What Goes Around – Greatest & Latest

What Goes Around revisits Suzi's career with fresh re-recordings of her classic hits. The album includes four new tracks including a cover of Bruce Springsteens "Born to Run"

Oh Suzi Q. (1990) What Goes Around – Greatest & Latest (1995) Unreleased Emotion (1998)
What Goes Around Album - 1995

What Goes Around Album - Rear Cover

Track Listing

1“Devil Gate Drive”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:02
2“The Wild One”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:04
3“The Race Is On”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:10
4“What Goes Around”Suzi Quatro, Rhiannon Wolfe4:32
5“Can the Can”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:46
6“She’s in Love with You”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:55
7“Stumblin’ In”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:44
8“I May Be Too Young”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:47
9“Empty Rooms”Suzi Quatro3:46
10“48 Crash”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:27
11“Make Love to Me”Suzi Quatro4:35
12“Born to Run”Bruce Springsteen5:00
13“Four Letter Words”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:59
14“Tear Me Apart”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:10
15“Your Mama Won’t Like Me”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:58
16“Rock Hard”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:13
17“Mama’s Boy”Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:14
18“If You Can’t Give Me Love”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn5:07

Album Overview

“What Goes Around – Greatest & Latest,” released in 1995 by CMC International Records, is Suzi’s eleventh studio album. This album is unique, featuring re-recordings of her original recordings that span her career from the 1970s.

In addition to these re-recordings, the album includes four new tracks. One of these new tracks is a cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s famous song “Born to Run.”

The album was recorded between September and October 1995. The recording took place at PUK Recording Studios and Rak Studios in London, England.

The album’s track listing mixes re-recordings of Suzi Quatro’s classic hits and new material. Some of the notable tracks include “Devil Gate Drive,” “The Wild One,” “Can the Can,” “Stumblin’ In,” and the aforementioned cover of “Born to Run.”

3 New Songs

Additionally, the album features three new tracks: two written by Suzi alone and one with co-writer Rhiannon Wolfe.

What Goes Around

Suzi expressed a fondness for “What Goes Around,” which she co-wrote with Rhiannon Wolfe, highlighting it as her favorite collaboration with Wolfe.

The track is notable for its unique spoken-word intro and spacious musical arrangement. A fascinating behind-the-scenes fact is Andy Dowling’s contribution; credited for drums and percussion, Dowling creatively produced the “bongo” sounds on this track not with traditional instruments but by slapping his knees!

Empty Rooms

After Suzi’s first marriage to Len Tuckey was dissolved, they arranged that while Suzi was touring in Japan, Len would move some of their shared furniture to his new home. Upon her return, Suzi was confronted with several stark, empty rooms, reflecting the emotional void left by the end of their 20-year relationship. This experience moved her deeply, leading her to wander through the house, touching and remembering, overwhelmed by memories and emotions.

Suzi found herself at her piano, where she composed “Empty Rooms.” The song is a deeply touching and personal reflection of her sense of loss and emptiness.

Performing “Empty Rooms” live was emotionally taxing for Suzi, so she eventually stopped including it in her live performances.

(Source: Suzi Quatro | Through My Words)

Make Love To Me

‘Make Love To Me’ is another song written after Suzi’s marriage had ended. During a time when she was exploring new relationships. Musically, Suzi infused it with a style that echoes the influence of one of her favorite tracks by Otis Redding, “Try a Little Tenderness.”

Her arrangement reflects the depth of both her musical inspirations and personal experiences.

Stumbin’ In – Duet Partner

A new “Stumblin’ In” version required a duet partner for its recording.

During this time, Suzi Quatro’s long-time mentor, Mickie Most, was working in London on a 4-track EP titled “I’ll Keep Loving You” with an artist known as TEE. TEE, real name Terence Morris, is a U.K. soul songwriter, keyboardist, producer, and vocalist.

Seizing the opportunity, Suzi invited TEE to join her in the duet for “Stumblin’ In.”

Mickie Most took on the role of engineer for this particular recording session.

TEE: I’ll Keep Loving You

Critical Reception

The album received a divided response from critics. While fans appreciated the fresh interpretations of Suzi’s classic hits, listeners expecting the familiar sound of the original tracks had mixed reactions.

Dave Thompson of AllMusic expressed this in his review:

… an odd collection that might appeal differently to casual listeners and fans familiar with the original recordings.

Dave Thompson of AllMusic

The uplifting energy of Suzi”s latest band in recapturing the essence of the original tracks was also noted in the review.

Overall, “What Goes Around – Greatest & Latest” serves as a retrospective of Suzi Quatro’s career, offering a blend of her classic hits with a fresh touch and new material, showcasing her enduring talent and versatility as a rock artist​

Album Credits

In terms of personnel, besides Suzi Quatro on lead vocals, harmony vocals, and bass guitar, the album features several talented musicians. Robbie Gladwell is on guitars and backing vocals, Andy Dowding plays drums and percussion, Ray Beavis plays the saxophone, Dick Hanson is on the trumpet and flugelhorn, and Chris Gower handles the trombone.

Following the recording of the album, Ray Webb, who contributed as the keyboardist and pianist, departed from the band. Subsequently, John Meany joined in to play the piano for the band on tour.



  • Suzi Quatro – Lead vocals, harmony vocals, bass guitar
  • Andy Dowding – Drums, percussion
  • Reg Webb – Keyboards, piano, backing vocals
  • Robbie Gladwell – Guitars, backing vocals
  • Ray Beavis – Saxophone, backing vocals
  • Tee – Male Vocals on Stumbin’ In

The Rumor Horns:

  • Dick Hanson – Trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Chris Gower – Trombone
  • Ray Beavis – Saxophone
ProducerSuzi Quatro
EngineerCharlie Jenson
Micki Most – Vocals on “Stumbin’ In”
Assistant EngineerKim Eskesen
Horn ArrangerAll Horns arranged by Ray Beavis
Mixed byOli Poulsen
Mastered byPeter Iverson at PUK Digital Mastering
Recorded atPUK Recording Studios, September 1995
Vocals on Stumbin’ In recorded at RAK Studios London, October 1995