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Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro album cover, 1973

Suzi Quatro (1973)

148 CrashMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:54
2Glycerine QueenSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:47
3Shine My MachineSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:49
4Official Suburbian SupermanSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:05
5I Wanna Be Your ManLennon-McCartney3:09
6Primitive LoveSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:13
7All Shook UpOtis Blackwell, Elvis Presley3:48
8Sticks & StonesTitus Turner3:41
9Skin Tight SkinSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:21
10Get Back MammaSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey5:52
11Rockin’ MoonbeamSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:53
12Shakin’ All OverJohnny Kidd3:33
13Can the CanMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:34
The original UK release had only 12 tracks. Can The Can was added to the Australian release and all subsequent pressings.
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Suzi Quatro - Quatro album cover, 1974

Quatro (1974)

1The Wild OneMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn2:52
2Keep A-Knockin’Richard Penniman3:14
3Too BigMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:21
4Klondyke KateMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:29
5Savage SilkMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:37
6Move ItIan Samwell3:38
7Hit The Road JackPercy Mayfield3:55
8TroubleJerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Elvis Presley2:58
9Cat SizeSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:38
10A Shot of Rhythm and BluesTerry Thompson4:03
11FridaySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:32
12Devil Gate DriveMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:48
Devil Gate Drive was included on the album in most countries but was omitted from the first UK pressing.
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Suzi Quatro - Your Mamma Won't Like Me album cover, 1975

Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (1975)

1I Bit Off More Than I Could ChewMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:44
2Strip MeMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:10
3ParalysedSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:44
4Prisoner of Your ImaginationSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:51
5Your Mamma Won’t Like MeMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:59
6Can’t Trust LoveSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:42
7New Day WomanSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:37
8FeverEddie Cooley, John Davenport3:39
9You Can Make Me Want YouSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:43
10MichaelSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:31
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Aggro-Phobia (1977)

1Heartbreak HotelElvis Presley, Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden3:48
2Don’t Break My HeartSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:53
3Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)Steve Harley3:43
4What’s It Like to Be LovedSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:13
5Tear Me ApartMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn2:59
6The Honky Tonk DownstairsDallas Frazier3:00
7Half as Much as MeSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:12
8Close the DoorSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:47
9American LadySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:41
10Wake Up Little SusieFelice Bryant2:49
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Suzi Quatro - If You Knew Suzi - UK Album Cover

If You Knew Suzi… (1978)

1Don’t Change My LuckChinn, Chapman3:43
2Tired of WaitingRay Davies3:29
3SuicideQuatro, Len Tuckey4:05
4EvieHarry Vanda, George Young4:35
5The Race Is OnChinn, Chapman4:02
6If You Can’t Give Me LoveNicky Chinn, Mike Chapman3:53
7BreakdownTom Petty3:24
8Non-CitizenQuatro, Tuckey3:17
9Rock and Roll, Hoochie KooRick Derringer3:24
10Wiser Than YouQuatro, Tuckey3:53
UK Track Listing: Released in most international markets.

US Version

1If You Can’t Give Me LoveChinn, Chapman3:53
2Stumbin’ In (Album Version)Nicky Chinn, Mike Chapman3:56
3SuicideQuatro, Len Tuckey4:05
4Tired of WaitingRay Davies3:29
5The Race Is OnChinn, Chapman4:02
6Don’t Change My LuckNicky Chinn, Mike Chapman3:43
7BreakdownTom Petty3:24
8Non-CitizenQuatro, Tuckey3:17
9Rock and Roll, Hoochie KooRick Derringer3:24
10Wiser Than YouQuatro, Tuckey3:53
US Track Listing

When “If You Knew Suzi…” was released in the USA, the track listing differed from its international version. The main change was the omission of the song “Evie,” which was replaced by “Stumblin’ In. “
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Suzi Quatro - Suzi And Other Four Letter Words - 1979

Suzi… and Other Four Letter Words (1979)

1I’ve Never Been in LoveMelissa A. Connell3:02
2Mind DemonsSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:25
3She’s in Love with YouMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:32
4HollywoodSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:57
5Four Letter WordsMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:27
6Mama’s BoySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:35
7Starlight LadySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:36
8You Are My LoverJack Lee3:12
9Space CadetsSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:18
10Love HurtsSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:45
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Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard album cover, 1980

Rock Hard (1980)

1Rock HardMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:18
2Glad All OverDave Clark, Mike Smith2:47
3Love Is ReadyEddy Brown, Teresa Straley3:30
4State of MindSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:59
5Woman CrySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:39
6LipstickMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:09
7Hard HeadedEddy Brown, Teresa Straley4:02
8Ego in the NightSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:36
9Lonely is the HardestSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:47
10Lay Me DownSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey, Jamie Crompton3:33
11Wish Upon MeEddy Brown, Teresa Straley, David Krems2:56
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Suzi Quatro Album Cover - Main Attraction

Main Attraction (1982)

1Heart of StoneChris Andrews, Suzi Quatro4:07
2Cheap ShotSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:39
3She KnowsSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:11
4Main AttractionChris Andrews, Suzi Quatro3:15
5Two Miles Out of GeorgiaChris Andrews3:30
6Candy ManChris Andrews, Suzi Quatro3:13
7Remote ControlSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:21
8Fantasy in StereoChris Andrews, Suzi Quatro3:11
9TransparentSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:18
10Oh BabySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:53
BonusHeart of Stone (Single Version)Chris Andrews, Suzi Quatro3:25
Bonus Track: The single version of Heart of Stone was added to the 2008 Cherry Red CD reissue.
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Oh Suzi Q Album LP Cover Generation Record

Oh Suzi Q. (1991)

1Suzi Q.Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater4:32
2Southern ComfortRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland, Suzi Quatro5:40
3Love TouchRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland5:24
4Intimate StrangersSuzi Quatro, Rhiannon Wolfe3:34
5Kiss Me GoodbyeSuzi Quatro, Rhiannon Wolfe4:07
6The Great Midnight Rock ‘N’ Roll House PartyRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland4:22
7Take Me In Your Arms (And Rock Me)Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland3:11
8Victim of CircumstanceSuzi Quatro4:21
9Elusive LoverSuzi Quatro, Rhiannon Wolfe4:00
10Best Thing in My LifeSuzi Quatro5:01
11We Live ForeverRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland5:17
12Baby You’re a StarRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland3:24
13We Found LoveRob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland5:13
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What Goes Around Album - 1995

What Goes Around – Greatest & Latest (1995)

1“Devil Gate Drive”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:02
2“The Wild One”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:04
3“The Race Is On”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:10
4“What Goes Around”Suzi Quatro, R. Wolfe4:32
5“Can the Can”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:46
6“She’s in Love with You”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:55
7“Stumblin’ In”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:44
8“I May Be Too Young”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:47
9“Empty Rooms”Suzi Quatro3:46
10“48 Crash”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn4:27
11“Make Love to Me”Suzi Quatro4:35
12“Born to Run”Bruce Springsteen5:00
13“Four Letter Words”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:59
14“Tear Me Apart”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:10
15“Your Mama Won’t Like Me”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:58
16“Rock Hard”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn3:13
17“Mama’s Boy”Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:14
18“If You Can’t Give Me Love”Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn5:07
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Suzi Quatro - Album Cover - Unreleased Emotion

Unreleased Emotion (1998)

1Pardon MeSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:29
2There She GoesSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey2:49
3Can I Be Your GirlSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey4:12
4I’m A RockerSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:55
5Strange EncountersSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:08
6Comes The NightSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:54
7Starry NightSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:44
8Good Girl (Looking For A Bad Time)Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:33
9Everything I Ever WantedSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:17
10Secret HideawaySuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:42
11Just Like MommaSuzi Quatro, Len Tuckey3:35
12Suzi Q (Susie Q)Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater1:20
13I Go WildM. Burns, Nicky Chinn, S. Glen3:48
14Tonight (I Could Fall In Love)Richard Gower3:56
Tracks 13 & 14 were added as Bonus Tracks on 7T’s Records 2012 reissue of the album in Europe.
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Unreleased Emotion (1998)