Billy Joel & Elton John no longer tour together. They initially fell out when Billy dropped out of their 2010 Face to Face tour. However, according to Billy Joel, they have since made up.

The reasons why Billy pulled out of the tour are a bit murky. In a 2011 Rolling Stone interview, Elton cited Billy’s health and alcoholism as the reason. However, Billy maintained that miscommunication over whether or not management had booked the concert dates was the issue.

Are Elton John and Billy Joel still friends?
Elton John & Billy Joel

So… Are Elton John And Billy Joel Friends?

For the rest of the 2010s, Elton and Billy appeared to only communicate through the press.

However, by 2016 it appeared that they had made up. That year, an Entertainment Weekly article quoted Billy as saying, “We made up a long time ago.”

The 2016 Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony

Further evidence that the ice had melted was apparent at the 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony.

Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin won the Johnny Mercer Award. During his acceptance speech, he made a gesture of friendship to the piano man.

“Mr. Joel, I haven’t seen you tonight, but I love you dearly,” he said.

Later in the evening, when Billy was onstage, he replied saying; “Is Elton still here, by the way? We’re OK.”

Could it mean another tour for the pair?

Probably not. Elton John is now in the last stretch of his final tour, and Billy Joel has said that he no longer enjoyed performing the Face to Face setlist. 

Billy explained that it “got to be a little confining” because Elton insisted they keep playing the same setlist.

“I don’t think we’ll do it anymore,” he said.

Billy said that he had no plans to return to that kind of touring.

The Billy Joel & Elton John Face to Face Tours

Billy Joel & Elton John first teamed up in 1994 for a joint tour named the Face to Face tour. The tour was so successful that they would tour together another eight times over the next 16 years.

1994 – First Elton john and Billy Joel tour together, stadiums across the U.S. – 21 shows

1995 – U.S. & Canada – 12 Shows

1998 – Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Europe – 29 shows

2001 – U.S. & Canada – 31 shows

2002 – U.S. Some concerts scheduled for March through April were postponed until September and October due to Billy Joel’s ill health. – 35 Shows

2003 – U.S. – 28 Shows

2009 – U.S. & Canada – 31 shows. 

Elton John has was hospitalized in November 2009, suffering from a minor case of E. coli bacterial infection and nasty flu. Canceled concerts were rescheduled.

2010 – U.S. – 12 shows were played. The last four shows were canceled.

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Elton John & Billy Joel

Are Elton John and Billy Joel Friends?

Billy Joel & Elton John no longer tour together. They initially fell out when Billy dropped out of their 2010 ... Read more